Roadworks Disruption in Wansford from 20 January 2023 for 4 weeks

Gigaclear is an engineering company currently working in Wansford to improve our Broadband performance.  From Friday, 20 January 2023 Gigaclear will be laying new fibre optic cables in several of our main roads in Wansford which will necessitate some roadworks.   Gigaclear are working in conjunction with the Peterborough City Council’s Highways Department and Gigaclear supervisors will be on hand for to answer any concerns from residents whilst their work is in progress.

The roadworks will begin between the Old Leicester Road crossing to Yarwell Road and there will be a 4-way traffic light system in place for up to 4 weeks which will cause some disruption to local traffic.  From there, they will be laying services in the grass verge alongside the church and all down Bridge End on the verge side. Gigaclear have given assurances that all grassy and footpath areas lifted will be reinstated the same day.

Marie Lewis, Wansford Parish Clerk