Swimrun Event on 11 June 2023

Subject: Re: Proposed Swimrun event 2023

Dear Wansford PC

We contacted you last year with regards to our swimrun event and the

proposed course on your parish land. The event was a success

(hopefully you didn’t notice us there!), thank you for your part in


We are planning the event for the 11th of June 2023, again starting at

Nene Park at 6am. We would anticipate the swimrunners arriving with

you at 7.30am and continuing through to around 10am as they run out to

Yarwell and then return back through to Wansford. We will have no more

than 100 swimrunners so it is unlikely that there will be large

bunches of them, rather a slow trickle. Our entries for this race are

limited to 100. We have attached the course through the parish.


The course will be marshalled and there will be no road closure or

traffic disruption. The whole event and course will be put to the

Cambridgeshire SAG for their approval.

We would propose putting up signage on the course in the form of small

arrows and we usually attach coloured tape for the swimrunners to

follow. Gates needing to be closed will be marshalled and fields with

livestock will not have tape. We have a zero tolerance to litter,

competitors are disqualified if they litter.  The course will be

cleared on the 11th June with a final sweep to check everything is

removed and the course is completely clear on the 12th June.

We will be following footpaths as shown on the local OS map and we

would really appreciate your help to contact landowners or for you to

forward our course to them and for them to contact us with any

concerns about the proposed route.

Our contact at Nene Park Trust is Melanie Church, you can contact her

at should you need a reference.

We really appreciate the goodwill of the parish and the landowners in

permitting us to use the footpaths for our event and we issue all our

competitors with a Race Manual which includes the Countryside Code.

We are aware that it is a privilege to be able to use the footpaths

and will endeavour to make as little impact as possible on and before

race day to all concerned.

Please get in touch with any questions.

We will forward relevant insurance documents, risk assessments and SAG

responses to you in due course for landowners and yourselves.

> ​Kind regards, Nicky Bailey