Wansford Traffic Mitigation Trial

Important roadworks information

THE OCCUPIER National Highways Second Floor Woodlands Manton Lane
Bedford MK41 7LW Tel: 0300 123 5000
22 November 2022

Dear Sir / Madam
A1 Wansford to junction 17 (Peterborough): safety improvements
I am writing to inform you of upcoming works planned to take place on the A1 between Wansford and junction 17 (Peterborough). This work will follow on from the safety barrier improvements we have been carrying out between Wothorpe and Wansford.

From December, we’ll be moving further south between Wansford and junction 17 (Peterborough) to upgrade the safety barrier in the central reserve and in some verges, plus install new safety signage.

Work will begin with us installing temporary speed cameras on Wednesday 7 December. We will install the speed cameras on the southbound side first, lasting 3 nights, before moving to the northbound side the following week to start our main programme of work. In total, work will last around 7 months.

Wansford traffic mitigation trial
Whilst we are installing the temporary speed cameras, we will carry out a trial aimed at preventing drivers from using Wansford as a rat run, rather than using the official diversion route – via the A47, Nene Parkway and Fletton Parkway. This trial is being tested in partnership with Peterborough Council and Wansford Parish Council.

The trial involves closing Old North Road in one direction between the A47 roundabout and Black Swan Spinney. Residents of Black Swan Spinney and Swanhill will still be able to turn left or right onto Old North Road. All vehicles can still use Old North Road to exit the village.

Whilst Old North Road is closed, we kindly ask that you use Old Leicester Road to gain access to Wansford. A map of where we propose to close and the access point for the village is shown overleaf.

As part of this trial, we will also be positioning a safety camera van on Peterborough Road to monitor any drivers not adhering to the speed limits, as well as HGVs using Bridge End to cross Wansford bridge. Details of any driver infringements will be handed over to the police.

Following the trial, we will evaluate its success and discuss any potential changes with Wansford Parish Council, ahead of implementing similar measures during the southbound closures of the main works, from April 2023.

Details of the main works
We plan to complete this work over 8 months from Monday 12 December. We will work between 8pm and 6am on weeknights only, weather permitting as detailed below:

• Northbound closure between junction 17 (Peterborough) and Wansford – Monday 12 December to early April 2023.

• Southbound closure between Wansford and junction 17 (Peterborough) – Early April to July 2023.

Whilst the A1 is closed, southbound traffic will be diverted from the A1 at Wansford and directed to follow the A47, A1260 Nene Parkway and A1139 Fletton Parkway, before re-joining the A1(M) southbound at junction 17, Fletton Parkway Interchange.

Northbound traffic will follow the same route but in reverse. A map of the diversion can be found overleaf.

From Wednesday 4 January, temporary speed limits will be in place on the A1 for safety reasons. Speeds will be reduced to 40mph, 24 hours a day, between Wansford and junction 17, with temporary speed cameras in operation.

No work will be carried out over the Christmas period between Tuesday 20 December and Tuesday 3 January.

How to find out more
For the latest up to date closure information, please visit our dedicated scheme website at

If you would like any further information on the scheme, or would like to discuss these proposals, please feel free to contact us on 0300 123 5000, or by email at

Yours faithfully
Paul Coates Project Manager
Operations East, Scheme Delivery Team