The ‘Save Sutton Station’ Walk was well attended on 21 June 2022

Approximately 40 walkers turned up to support the ‘Save Sutton Station’ campaign for a walk that started at Sutton Church on Midsummer’s Evening (21 June 2022) and followed the Nene River to the site of the present Sutton Station.  The residents of Sutton would wish to rebuild the station immediately south of the existing railway bridge where it could be a coffee stop for walkers and a venue for school groups learning about the Nene and its valley. Instead National Highways want to give the station to Nene Valley Railway who want to use some of the stone to build a replacement for a wooden store building in Peterborough.

Open the link below to see a cartoon of Sutton Station with residents of Sutton!

Save Sutton Station Walk 21 June 2022