Wansford Bridge to close from 17 July 2023 for 8 weeks for maintenance



The proposed works are to address the progressive movement and deterioration of the wing wall on the north-west corner of the bridge, which were first reported by Cllr Martyn Handley of Wansford Parish Council as cracks appeared in the road surface.  Since then, Peterborough City Council Highways Department have been regularly monitoring the structure (currently on a weekly basis) and produced a scheme of works to address the issue.  They are hoping that the bridge can remain fully open to all traffic until the scheme commences but they may have to invoke a closure to motorised traffic if the structure deteriorates more rapidly.

The scheme compromises strengthening of the existing wing wall to the north-west corner of the bridge. In order to do this, it is proposed that the existing wall is dismantled in stages, a new in situ mass concrete wall cast within the structure beneath the carriageway, and the wall reconstructed with stainless steel ties securing the wall to the concealed mass concrete wall within the structure.  All masonry from the existing wall will be carefully removed by hand, numbered, and stored on site for reuse.

During the works, the wall will be supported with a series of props to allow the carriageway to be excavated without destabilising the wall.  The lower section of the wall can then be deconstructed. A mass concrete ballast wall (width -1m; depth – approximately 1.5m; length – 8m) will be constructed using formwork following excavation into the carriageway.  The masonry wall will be rebuilt by hand reusing the existing stonework and pre-approved lime mortar mix. Any stones that have significantly deteriorated will be replaced with new pre-approved stone cut to the same dimensions.

Peterborough City Council’s Highways Department have submitted their application of work to be done to Historic England for their approval which has now been received and they have also submitted an application to the Environment Agency due to working in the flood plain.  At present PCC are hoping to begin their work in July 2023 (subject to the Historic England and Environment Agency consents).

It will be necessary to close the bridge to motorised traffic throughout the works for about eight weeks but pedestrian and cycle access will continue.

Peterborough Highway Services