Wansford’s Children Showing Pride in their Community

The second session of Wansford’s Youth Council took place on 16 August 2023 and was attended by children from all over Wansford.  The session was led by our own Cllr Jane Taylor-Pitt (a former teacher) and the children began their work on improving their environment in our village by planting almost 100 pansies and violas in hanging baskets and various colourful containers; they made their own bug hotels and filled bird feeders. They have distributed their work throughout the village to encourage wildlife. There are a few spare plants in circular pots around the Village Sign outside the church. If you would like to take one to decorate the outside of your house, please help yourself!
The children of the Youth Council have come up with lots of ideas which the parish council are addressing to enhance the community in which we live and please get in touch with Cllr Jane Taylor-Pitt or the Clerk at Wansford Parish Council if you would like to get involved.  Please note that the above photo is published on this website with the consent of parents of the children.
The next meeting of the Youth Council is on the 26th September 2023.